Kiln Library 17065 MS-603, Kiln, MS 3956

A Teaching Guild: Learn Together, Sew Together, Serve Together Quilt Guild in Kiln

Upcoming Events

Bay Oaks Events

Sept 27: Program Night: Fabric Strip Quilt-O Game by Kay Guillot

Oct 6:  Sit-n-Sew, Kiln Library

Nov 10: Opportunity Quilt Ticket Sale, 2nd Saturday Event in Bay St. Louis

Nov 17: Sit-n-Sew, Kiln Library

Dec 13: Annual Christmas Party & Charity Donation Drive: Ugly Fabric Quilt Challenge Due!

Quilt Shows

Sept 29-30:  Picayune Piecemakers "Charms of Mississippi" Quilt Show

May 10-11: Bay Oaks Quilt Guild "Starry Trails" Quilt Show

Upcoming Program Night: Quilto Game

September program night will be a QUILTO game night! This is a fun quilting twist on the traditional game of BINGO. We will play multiple variations of the game.  

The Rules of Quilto: To obtain a card(s) you must ‘pay in’ one 2-1/2” strip of fabric cut the width of fabric (36” or 42”) per card. Purchase your card(s) before the first game of Quilto is called. There will be a table set up for the caller and cards at the front of the room.  You may play up to four (4) cards at a time. Once you have purchased your cards and the first game has been called and won, someone will go from table to table collecting your “pay” strips for each game called.  Should you want to change out your card(s) or get more cards (up to four) you may do so after you have paid for your card(s) already in hand, but before the caller starts the next game if there are cards available.  Of course, the winner must yell out “QUILTO!” to win the game and receive the fabric strips collected for each game.  The only game to be handled differently will be the last game of the night: Blackout. To play this game, you must pay in four (4) strips per card. Therefore, if you are playing four cards, you must ‘pay in’ 16 fabric strips for Blackout

Supplies Needed:

1. Buttons or Pennies (or something similar) to “mark” cards. We wish to keep the cards reusable, so please no ink markers.

2. If you play that max of 4 cards each game and also play 4 cards for the blackout game, you will need a total of 52 fabric strips (2-1/2” x WOF).