About Bay Oaks


Our Story

Bay Oaks Quilt Guild was founded in the 1990s by Zoe Bowers and friends. Today, we have about 40 members who meet to quilt and learn with each other every month.


Giving Back

Bay Oaks Members contribute to a number of charitable causes in  our communities. Our members have donated to Brenda's House, Friends of the Animal Shelter, the Hancock County Food Pantry, and many more.  We truly enjoy using our skills to give back to our communities! 


2020 Board Members

President: Kathy Newton

Vice President: Martha Slee

Secretary: Michele Martin

Treasurer: Marsha Robertson

Membership: Bonnie Devenport

Webmaster/Newsletter: Kim Sawyer

Historian: Rena Krol

Hospitality: Sue Roundtree